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Too obsessed with too many things


    Waltzer selfie #leedsfestival #fucked

    Waltzer selfie #leedsfestival #fucked

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    #leedsfestival  #fucked 


    Beat my record of how many colours ive had in my hair at one point

    Reading here I come

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    What if Peter Pan was just an asshole, and had kids jump out of windows, making Neverland a coma dream?

    Peter Pan originally was an angel of death that held kid’s hands when on their way to heaven (Neverland). That’s why they never grew up. All those kids were dead.

    my childhood….gone…..image

    Where the fuck did that gif come from

    The lion king bloopers

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Nicole richie is everything


    Nicole richie is everything

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    "have you ever considered that we lead ourselves on? we overthink everything; every touch, every look, every text. we create scenarios in our minds and imagine ourselves with that person, building it into something it isn’t, something it never was. maybe we need to stop passing the blame, maybe we break our own hearts."
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